All Children

Full Day

  • 7.30am - 6.00pm

Half Day

  • 7.30am -12.30pm or 1.00pm - 6.00pm

Monthly Costs


All Children

Half Days

1 Day

 £229.66  £130.00

2 Days

 £459.33     £260.00

3 Days

 £689.00      £390.00

4 Days

 £918.66  £520.00

5 Days

 £1,090.90  £650.00

All Fees include Meals and snacks

5% Discount on Full time place

10% Sibling Discount

Fees payable a calendar month in advance

£100 deposit is required to secure a place


There is more help now available for Paying for childcare than ever before. The government provides 15 hours of free childcare for 2 year olds per week and 15 or 30 hours of free childcare for 3-4 year olds depending on your circumstances.

​In addition to funded hours the government also offers Tax free childcare where parents will be able to open a new childcare account. For every £8 a parent pays into their childcare account, the government will pay in an extra £2. Parents can get up to £2000 government support per child per year towards their childcare costs - that's up to £500 every 3 months.

For more information and to find out if you qualify for free childcare  please click on the link below:

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