A Sense of Belonging

At Melrose Day Nursery we aim to ensure that your child feels accepted and has a strong sense of belonging whilst at nursery. Once this is achieved each child will feel comfortable enough to explore and investigate from a secure basis, which forms the foundation for play and learning. Every child is unique, with their own personality, likes, dislikes, quirky behavior and habits. No matter which background, race, culture, belief or ability, all children love to play, develop and learn together.

At Melrose we ensure that we are meeting the needs of children as individuals, no matter what. We help children learn through play, using all of their senses, through music, art, movement and games.

We want your child to grow in confidence and to feel accepted and safe. Confidence then leads them to try new experiences, form new relationships and be ready for the challenges of school!

Our Staff  


Our staff our hired not only on the basis of their qualifications but on their genuine love of children, enthusiasm, energy and their desire to make a difference. With our highly qualified and skilled Nursery Nurses, Qualified Nursery Teacher as well as a dedicated management team, who are always on the lookout for ways to make our services even better, everyone is focused on providing the most rewarding nursery experience for your child. We allocate each child to a keyworker to ensure we nurture their development and provide them with continuity.

Working Together

Parents as Partners

We know that nurseries aren’t just made up of the team of staff that run them, but also the relationship that the nursery has with the parents. That’s why we actively encourage parents to be part of our work. We hold regular parent’s evenings, family days and seasonal events to which parents are always invited. Communication diaries, learning journeys, regular Newsletters, as well as daily contact with our team, ensures that parents are kept well informed and made to feel part of our family at Melrose Day Nursery.


Key Facts


All our nurseries are extremely safe because the managers ensure that all staff have a full understanding of safeguarding. This is given the highest priority at the nursery and there are robust procedures in place to protect all our children.

If any person other than yourself is collecting your children from nursery, please ensure we are fully informed beforehand.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Melrose Day Nursery believes that no child, individual or family should be excluded from the nursery’s activities on the grounds of age, gender, sexuality, class, family status, means, disability, colour, ethnic origin, culture, religion or belief.


Our fees are payable weekly or monthly in advance by standing order, cheque or cash. We also accept child-care vouchers and work with the early years funding scheme. If there is a lapse of four weeks from the agreed date of payment, the nursery reserves the right to withdraw child care services. Payments need to be continued in the event of illness or holiday, including Bank Holidays, in order to retain the place. A month’s notice is needed to terminate the contract.


Melrose Day Nursery caters specifically to the needs of every child. A tracking and monitoring programme is in place so that the progress of every child is monitored, that each child is meeting his or her personal targets and, where this isn’t the case, intervention strategies can be implemented.

Additional learning support is provided for all children with special educational needs, for children who are more able and children who speak English as an additional language.

Behaviour Policy

Melrose Day Nursery promotes and encourages good behaviour. Clear intervention is implemented to children who bully their peers. Parents are informed immediately. Handling of behaviour is consistent and developmentally appropriate, respecting individual children’s level of understanding and maturity.

Our Team

Consistent high quality care is maintained throughout our nurseries by our consistent, reliable staff, all of which hold the relevant childcare qualifications. Our team shape their professional development through regular training as we have a strong drive for continual improvement. We aim to work effectively with a wide range of other professionals to support children and their families throughout their nursery experience.
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