3 - 5 years

Melrose is committed to providing children with every advantage educationally. Helping our children prepare for school is an important part of what happens in pre-school. The same curriculum (EYFS) follows your child through to the end of their Reception year at school and we have strong links with many local schools to make the transition smooth and positive for your child.

Pre-school children have a skilled approach to play and exploration. Our skilled practitioners will follow the children’s pace and focus of activities that interest them whilst providing the support needed to let them challenge their ideas. We encourage language development, creativity, the development of mathematical concepts and a scientific enquiring mind. Vocabulary is encouraged through informal conversation, daily ‘news’, stories, songs and poetry, group discussions and various educational displays around the nursery.

 Group activities encourage children to co-operate with one another, make friends, share and take turns. We are a multicultural nursery, we celebrate each others festivals and customs and help our children understand cultural differences and preferences, and to respect the beliefs of others in a friendly way.r Pre-school

 Our pre-schoolers are very independent. They are confident at self care (toileting, hand washing and brushing teeth). They set the table at mealtimes and serve their own food.

We love to visit interesting places too! We take the bus or tram where we can, we’ve been to the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Airport , Blue Planet and many more! We also like to walk to local parks from time to time.

Extra activities include Stretch n Grow and Little Amigos Spanish lessons. 

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